Investing 101 Cheat Sheet

investing 101 cheat sheet mainstreetwolf

A 13-page PowerPoint giving a quick summary of investing and how to get started in the stock market. You can get it sent to your email when you sign up for the free weekly newsletter!


Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Model

DCF model mainstreetwolf

This spreadsheet is set up to calculate the intrinsic value of a company when entering the required assumptions and projected cash flows for the next 5 years. It uses an average between the EV/EBITDA multiple and the perpetual growth method to calculate the terminal value of the company. Included in the premium membership.

Net Worth Projection Model

net worth projection model mainstreetwolf

This excel model allows you to input your own information (income, filing status, budget, investment return assumptions) to project out net worth over time. Included in the premium membership.

Helium Profit Tracker

helium profitability tracker mainstreetwolf

The spreadsheet allows you to enter your average production along with your forecast of HNT pricing and future fluctuations in mining production to calculate your breakeven month along with a yearly ROI projection. Included in the premium membership.

Book a Meeting!

book a meeting with mainstreetwolf

Personal finance coaching (budgeting & investing education), cryptocurrency staking & mining consultation (setup & help), social media strategy, or discussing my opinion on a stock or portfolio.