Collin Miciunas


The Mainstreetwolf Approach

Learning about topics such as stock investing, option trading, cryptocurrency, and personal finance traditionally has been boring or over complicated. The goal is to teach about these topics in a fun and simple way!

Origin Story

I’ve always been a finance nerd that enjoyed talking investing, crypto, and personal finance. In 2017, I started a YouTube channel around the idea of content for the “average joe”. But then I discovered the app called Tik Tok in 2019 and decided to make some short form content around finance for fun. Turns out, it was kind of a hit! People liked small digestible educational content with a sprinkle of humor, so I kept at it for years on the side while working my full time job as a senior financial analyst at a fortune 200 company. In 2021, I went full-time into content creation. In addition to the short form videos, I created more long formatted YouTube videos along with premium educational guides. While videos and guides are great, the long term plan was to always create an educational platform. A catalog of courses where someone could learn topics in a chronological matter at their own pace. That is why I built A one stop shop to learn, get news, be entertained, and become more confident in your financial capabilities.