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The free plan offers a ton of value through access to courses and is a great way to start. If you are looking for how investment strategies are applied in the real world and premium analytical tools & quizzes, check out our different tiers below to join our growing community!


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Is this a get quick rich scheme?

No. The premium membership focuses on risk adjusted investing and trading to beat the S&P500. Risk management is a key pillar at Mainstreetwolf. In order to get rich fast you usually need luck and taking crazy amounts of risk. That is how people end up losing everything if they invest with the mentality of getting rich quick.

Do you day trade?

We focus more on passive investing (1 to 5 year timeframes) and trading (1 to 3 months). This way we aren’t glued to our computer screens constantly looking for the next play. Our strategies revolve more around fundamental analysis than trading on technical analysis and shorter time frames.

Can you guarentee returns?

No. Unfortunately, I don’t have a crystal ball (anyone that says they do is lying). All I can do is offer my ideas, research, educational material, tools, and insight. In the past our results have beaten the market, but we cannot guarantee future results. There is always risk with investing and is ultimately up to you to form your own opinions on how you want to invest your money.

How do I get a refund?

We can refund money through Patreon. An example of a refund situation would be if a new month rolls around and the membership auto-renews and you had meant to cancel. For all refund requests, please let me know with 1-2 days at the beginning of the monthly cycle.

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